About Us

Be Ugly
UglyDuklyn is a clothing brand that aspires to bring change through fashion, music, art and world education. UglyDuklyn lives in a space of luxury street wear providing luxury accessories and unique elevated pieces. Our founder's connection with the story of the UGLY DUCKLING by Hans Christian Andersen, played a key role in his overall journey and inspiration behind the brand. The intersection of that story and the brand relays a message with its products that come with a unique elegance reminiscent of the Ugly Duckling's maturation to a Swan. Established in 2009, UglyDuklyn, which means Understand God Loves You embodies the street wear code of ethics making sure each collection and individual piece inception is pure. Francis London, founder of UglyDuklyn believes that “Everyone has felt like an UglyDuklyn at one point in their lives and through adversity became the swan they were destined to become. We should embrace everyone with love no matter what they look like, and no one should feel it's wrong to be different. NEVER.